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NEW pallets

we reuse 100% of the wood

We produce both standard and special and customized pallets.
The possibility of producing on specific request allows us to satisfy the most specific needs of various sectors: ceramics, hydraulics, mechanics, food, pharmaceuticals, logistics.

USED pallets

we reuse 100% of the wood

After a scrupulous selection and an accurate repair, our recycled pallets represent a model both from an ecological and an economic point of view.
– EPAL repairman I-563
– FITOK license IT-08-117
– Authorized for the collection and treatment of wood packaging waste

Heat treatment

In addition to the products also services of excellence

We offer a HT treatment service (Heat Treatment) through which the pallets are thermally treated at 56°C for 30 minutes in special ovens.
In this way the pallet is freed from harmful wood organisms.

The importance of logistics

We work in Sassuolo and we are children of a territory we love.
Also taking care of logistics and transport, we are able to satisfy every need and always be present, fast and versatile.

Whatever the need,
we work to satisfy you.

Since 2012 we have been dealing with the sale, recovery, transport, phytosanitary treatment and processing of pallets.
The company reflects the character of its product; in fact, even if simple and humble, the pallet is of vital importance in the commercial process because with its solid and versatile structure it is able to satisfy the logistic needs of numerous types of companies.

Important is the use of ovens for the application of heat treatment (HT) and the certification that allows the use of the FITOK phytosanitary mark.
This treatment process, added to attention in the work and quality of the raw materials, characterizes the final quality of the product.

Finally, the reuse of wood is essential, a process that sees the importance of recycling converge in itself from an ecological point of view.

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